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Vintage Parts FAQ


Years ago, there was a Wendy's hamburger ad that coined the phrase - parts is parts. To avoid confusion, here is a short lexicon of what parts are what.

New Manufacture or Reproduction
Seems obvious, but this is any part either mechanical or body related that's produced as close to original as possible.

Most mechanically related parts have superior materials compared to the older originals ex: pistons, bearings, etc. You'll want to use these in most cases unless a NOS part is available. Reproduction body panels or parts are available but in most cases will require a final fit and finish no matter the source.  

NOS (new old stock)
Any original part produced during a vehicle's production.  Many NOS parts sit in storage and may have slight corrosion due to deteriorated packaging. These parts may function as new but don't be surprised if their appearance does not look like a new manufactured part.  We offer some NOS electrical parts but they do not come with a warranty.  Please email us if you have questions in advance of purchase. 

Take-Out Original
This is any original mechanical, electrical or body part that came off an original vehicle.  These parts will vary widely in condition and function. In most cases require time and elbow grease to give it a second life. TJL saves many parts that others would toss. Don't hesitate to inquire, we just might have that crusty trinket you're looking for.


GI assessing his take-out part options.

GI assessing his take-out part options.