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Restorative Services

Offering full restorations for these legends:

Willys MB 1941-1945  --  Ford GPW 1942-1945  -- M38  --  M38A1
CJ2A 1945-1949  --  CJ3A 1949-1953  -- CJ3B 1954-1955 -- Jeepster -- Station Wagon -- Utility Wagon -- Pick-Up -- CJ5/CJ6 1955 - 1971 -- AMC Jeep Models 1972-1976.


What shape is it in?
Visual inspection of your vehicle. If an in-person inspection is unable to be done, we'll need to see very detailed photos.

What level of restoration are you looking for?
For military jeeps, there are two classes as determined by the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association) except where noted.

  1. Restored Class: as the vehicle would have appeared when delivered to the military.
  2. Motor Pool Class: this is what's called rental car class -- original, looks good, runs well.
  3. Combat or re-enactors Class*: present with original dents and dings either by time or by metal fatigue. This class is considered entry-level class. Jeep runs/brakes well, generally looks good but with many non-original or incorrect parts (*TJL class distinction).

What is your budget? 
This is often determines the above class. If you don't have a budget, we will provide a general estimate. With anything nearly 70 years old, there are unforeseen issues that arise during tear down and rebuild. Sometimes these can be costly. It's happened to all of us.

What is your time frame?
A general time frame is needed to begin process. If no time frame is provided, we will give our best outside date for delivery. After the above questions have been answered, we'll provide a written cost overview prior to moving forward.

We work on a project basis only and cannot provide flat costs for restorations; there are too many variables.  Parts will be billed separately on your statement. If payment is not received in the time stated above, we will provide three notices at 30, 60 and 90 days. If payment arrangements are not agreed upon, we will issue a mechanics lien to you in writing. 

Once the restoration class is determined and a budget is defined, we require  a 50% deposit of estimate in advance.  As work commences and is completed, every two weeks you will receive detailed statement outlining the hours/costs associated with your restoration.  The payment terms are due on receipt of this statement. If payment is not received within 10 business days of the statement, the project will be rescheduled for completion following payment receipt. Hourly rate is $95.00 and we do bill in half hour increments after the first hour.

Engine Rebuilds

Engines which have been rebuilt by Tonka Jeep carry a 1 year warranty.  If upon return to our shop, we determine the engine was incorrectly installed, or we detect work was done other than what we originally built, or was done improperly, we reserve the right to void the warranty in full.  The customer in this case will be charged for any costs at an hourly rate of: $95.00/hour and shipping costs to and from the customer's location.  If we rebuild an engine for a second time, the warranty is for 30 days.  If there is any question about this, please contact us for clarification.

Sourcing of parts
If your restoration requires sourcing of original parts not in out inventory, we charge $50/hour as this can take long hours tracking down hard-to-find-good-originals. Of course, you can do this on your own, it's free.  That is if you enjoy tracking parts down.

Non-stock restorations such as off-road mud jeeps, rock climbers or one-off rat rods are not in our wheelhouse. Literally.