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Jeep Axle Rebuild

We rebuild all Jeep axles from 1941-1976

 We offer complete axle rebuild services for all Jeep and Jeep Utility vehicles. This includes all Dana and Timken models commonly installed on most models. Our process is to disassemble the entire unit and establish if the housing and some, or all of the major internal components can be re-used, or, if new parts are required. As with our other rebuild services, we’ll need to insure the axle housing is free of cracks, broken castings, or worn surfaces. We’ll pull the ring and pinion assembly and determine if it can be re-used. If it is, we can move to cleaning and inspecting each of the internal parts. The inspection can tell us a lot about it’s life and whether it was taken care of, or overworked. From there, we’ll provide a list and cost of what we can and can not use. Our next step is to have all surfaces hand taped off and sent in for sandblasting, this allows us to work with clean surfaces and may reveal cracks not seen. We epoxy primer the housing and begin assembly, then finish off with final paint. Please call us to talk in more detail about your project.