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Whether you want a 10-point restoration or a daily driver, this hobby is about having fun.



We are not Jeep snobs and believe there are no bad Jeeps. 

We are honored to work along side
you through your restoration journey.

No matter how long it takes.

You own a piece of American automotive history.  No other vehicle boasts such legendary lineage.




Where, When, Who, Why.

Post Office Box 636
Excelsior, MN 55331
sales (at) tonkajeepltd (dot) com  

For all parts, service or restoration inquiries, please contact us via the email address above, or by telephone. Believe it or not, we get back to emails much faster and usually, same day. If you receive voice mail, please leave a detailed message including your contact information. Due to email filters occasionally deleting our responses, please INCLUDE YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER in the message field below. Your email and telephone number will not be provided to any third parties.
We're continually adding parts to the site, so if you don't find it, check back with us. 

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Let us know who you are: