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Engine L134 Kaiser Supersonic

Engine L134 Kaiser Supersonic


This is a complete original Kaiser Supersonic engine with dataplate and matching head. This engine comes with CJ3A accessories, including: manifolds, engine plate and water pump and 1952 dated Autolite distributor.   This engine has undergone magnafluxing of the distributor area, deck and cylinders, with no cracks found. An additional magnafluxing will be conducted with valves removed along with a pressure check prior to delivery/pick-up.  Engine turns over freely with a current bore of 30 over. If you're looking for a rebuild of a 3A style engine, or just a sound L134, this is a nice option.

If you'd like us to rebuild this specific engine, please contact us for details.

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This is a stock engine in take-out condition. Please note, if purchased as is, there is NO WARRANTY. A warranty only applies to rebuilds conducted by Tonka Jeep Limited. Please email us with questions.