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Willys MB/GPW: We won't lie, this Jeep model is our favorite. CJ2A/3A/B: This Jeep is the girl next-door. M38 & M38A1: The last of the military flat fenders and it's laterfull-figured version.  Jeepster: You never had a chance. Shiny paint, chrome, white walls and a drop top. Jeep Wagon/Service Truck: Ralph Kramden's driver when he wasn't driving a bus. Willys Pick-Up: With bib overalls and well worn boots, this variant says get'r done.  CJ5 / CJ6:  The curvaceous Jeep; o.k. we'll stop there, you get the idea. American Motors Jeeps: The best vehicle AMC ever sold. Don't believe us, just look up the AMC Gremlin, Matador and Javelin, you may want to look away.


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