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Engine M38


Willys MB/GPW: We won't lie, this Jeep model is our favorite. CJ2A/3A/B: This Jeep is the girl next-door. M38 & M38A1: The last of the military flat fenders and it's laterfull-figured version.  Jeepster: You never had a chance. Shiny paint, chrome, white walls and a drop top. Jeep Wagon/Service Truck: Ralph Kramden's driver when he wasn't driving a bus. Willys Pick-Up: With bib overalls and well worn boots, this variant says get'r done.  CJ5 / CJ6:  The curvaceous Jeep; o.k. we'll stop there, you get the idea. American Motors Jeeps: The best vehicle AMC ever sold. Don't believe us, just look up the AMC Gremlin, Matador and Javelin, you may want to look away.


Engine M38

Engine M38 .jpg
Engine M38 #2.jpg
Engine M38 .jpg
Engine M38 #2.jpg

Engine M38


The photo indicates this engine arrived 100% stock. Please note, all the accessories are available in new manufacture, rebuilt, or take-out condition. The engine turns over and is standard bore. The serial number: MC82786. The original head is included.

Based on casting numbers, and date on the original thermostat, it would appear this unit was assembled in February 1952. Some original O.D. on this block.

As with all our engines, we pressure test to ensure there are no cracks; so you or our shop can perform a rebuild with confidence.

The core exchange must be one of the following blocks: MB, Ford GPW, or M38; we can not accept civilian cores.  This engine is sold as a long block only.

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General Condition Chart
#1 = N.O.S (new old stock) Not previously used in excellent condition.
#2 = New Manufacture (newly manufactured reproduction part).
#3 = Take-Out Condition: Grade 1 (Excellent condition). No dents, bends, dings or rust. 
#4 = Take-Out Condition: Grade 2 (Good condition). Some signs of wear and light rust. 
#5 = Take-Out Condition: Grade 3 (Fair condition). Significant signs of wear and/or heavy rust.